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Your amount of debt can affect what solution you qualify for.

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The number of debts you have can help us determine the type of initial help which could benefit you. Whether that be a debt solution or something different.

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All debt solutions are based on what you can afford to pay each month, based on your debt level. This helps us identify which solution is best for you.

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    You could include - Utility arrears, Council arrears, Store debts, Loans, Credit cards, Catalogues, CCJ's, Overdrafts, HMRC Debts, Bailiff debt & Debt collector debts. Plus more!
    *People entering a Government Plan can expect to write off up to 85% of debt.
    IVA Example
    • Personal Loan£9,800
    • Credit Cards£7,500
    • Store Cards£3,100
    • Old Council Tax£2,000
    Total Debt £22,400
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      We will help with advice, contacting your lenders, with paperwork and even help in the future if you need further advice. We will teach you how to deal with bailiffs and debt collectors too.

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